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Treat Injuries Caused in Auto Accidents

Pain from an auto accident can linger for years if not properly treated and corrected. Almost all Americans get involved in at least one motor vehicle accident at some point in their lives. Often, we are able to walk away thinking we’re free from injury. Little known symptoms can turn into big problems in the future if not treated and corrected.

Injuries resulting from auto accidents are seldom diagnosed correctly. Most often, the symptoms associated with an auto accident type injury may not be present at the time of the accident. It may be several hours or even days after the accident occurs before the symptoms become apparent. Evaluation at the emergency room often focuses strictly on ruling out broken bones or dislocations, leaving underlying soft tissue injuries or mechanical joint abnormalities undiagnosed and untreated.

In most cases, there is insurance that will cover the costs associated with examinations, treatment, and diagnostic testing. The at-fault insurance, personal injury protection, and Medpay are all insurances to be considered for the resulting injuries. We also accept patients whose cases are represented by an attorney.

Don't delay; contact our office for an appointment! We will perform a complete examination of the areas affected in the motor vehicle accident and, if needed, provide appropriate care to assure that you recover from your injuries. Contact our office today!

We'll Work With Your Attorney or Refer You

Many patients suffering from a car wreck choose to have an attorney represent them. We accept letters of protection and will work with most attorneys. Things to know regarding having an attorney: 

  • A letter of protection is required and we accepts LOP's from most reputable attorneys 
  • We refer for outside services such as MRI, CT, or other test, as well as doctor referrals for pain management, ortho consults, or other appropriate medical services
  • We submit records and billing in a very efficient and timely manner
  • We work with attorneys to assist with the settlement of cases

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