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Dr. Peter Johnson

My name is Peter Johnson. I grew up deep in the heart of East Texas. I graduated in 2018 from Parker University to pursue my career in chiropractic. My journey in becoming a chiropractor all began on my birthday many years ago. In the year of 1999, I was waiting for my dad, a deputy sheriff in Titus County, to get home from work. I received a call that he had been in a car wreck and was unconscious. By the grace of God he survived, however for the next two years he fell into a cycle of pain. My father underwent surgery, following therapy and also had to take medication which only made him worse. After those years of watching my dad fall apart, we finally found a chiropractor who not only helped my dad, but also got him back to being the man that I’ve always known him to be. Since that day, I have loved the profession. My goal as a chiropractor, is to give back the gift that I was given. Everyone deserves to be able to live their life to the fullest. I believe that's the true purpose of chiropractic and mine as well! 

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